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Five bitcoin price predictions for 2018 🔮

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, zero" - Voltaire


2017 was an absolutely crazy year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies overall. Starting the year hovering around the price of $1000 to reaching an all-time high at $20,000 in the month of December.

However, we didn’t get far into the new year before the movement changed direction and quickly went crashing all the way down to the $6000 range, showcasing once again Bitcoins extreme volatility.  At the writing of this article, the price has stabilized around the $8-9000 range and the uncertainty is big around whether we have another big bull run in front of us, or a cooling off- period.  So to get a better sense of which one it is let’s look at what the analysts predict for bitcoin in 2018.

fortune teller

Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital which was the first Venture Captial fund to focus on cryptocurrencies, is very positive regarding bitcoins potential valuation in 2018. An ever-growing interest in demand from institutional investors combined with the limited supply is behind Spencers price-prediction. A prediction that we will see a doubled increase from 2017’s all-time high where a bitcoin this year would be worth $50,000.

This is a price-prediction repeated by many other analysts and traders. Ran Neuner, the host of CNBC’s show Cryptotrader took his prediction even further by pinning a tweet of his certainty about the year ahead for bitcoin.

Ran Neuer tweet
Ran Neuer has his price prediction set.

Kay Van-Petersen, an analyst at Saxo Bank even believes bitcoin could reach up to $100,000 this year which would mean a +1100% increase from current levels. The main factor behind this bull run would be an effect of the futures contracts that Kay argues we’re still haven’t witnessed.

The other side 〽

Of course, there are skeptics on the other spectrum as well usually consisting of Wall Street bankers and economists rather than crypto folks.  A professor of economics at Stern School Nouriel Roubini, also known as Dr. Doom is super-bearish on bitcoins future. He expects bitcoin to reach zero as soon as governments start clamping down on it with regulations. Dr. Doom even takes it a step further calling bitcoin the worse bubble we ever witnessed and a “Ponzi game”.

That bitcoin is a bubble is also shared by the chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group, Peter Boockvar. He predicts that the price of it can drop to the $1000 price level in 2018 calling it a classic bubble that will pop when central banks will start increasing the interest rates.

make it rain
HODL:ers in 2018?

Which of this experts do you think will be correct at the end of the year? Comment below with your own predictions.

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