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Behind CoinSpecto are two blockchain-geeks, (Max & Dexter), that have been following Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a looong time. When we saw the interest in, and value of, cryptocurrencies absolutely exploding in 2017 we realized there was no place for all these new-comers to turn to. Somewhere they could find beginner-friendly information on how they safely and easily can get into this space.  So this is what we wanted to fix by launching CoinSpecto. A place where that information is readily available and where newcomers can feel safe while in an easy way get started with cryptocurrencies.

We are now building what aims the to be the leading portal for news, guides, reviews and much more about cryptocurrencies & blockchain for readers on all levels.

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(Don’t forget to do your own research before you invest in anything. We are not financial advisors and the information on this page is written just for an educational purpose)